EnterpriseDB to Support Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Over at The VAR Guy Christopher Tozzi writes that open source database provider, EnterpriseDB, has now included Amazon Virtual Private Cloud in its list of technologies it supports.

“The product announcement follows a year of rapid expansion for EnterpriseDB, which reports seeing “spectacular growth” in its customer base during 2013, as well as a 200 percent increase in revenue. And it was accompanied by the recent extension of the company’s operations into the Australia market, with EnterpriseDB now offering its Postgres Plus Cloud Database to Amazon Web Services users (not just those of the VPC platform) in the Asia Pacific region.ad

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Informatica is Looking for a Software Architect–Cloud in our Job of the Week

Informatica in Redwood City, CA is looking for a Software Architect–Cloud in our Job of the Week.

“You are excited by challenges surrounding the development of highly scalable, fault tolerant, distributed system for solving complex data integration problems. You have innovative ideas around maintaining coherency, low latency and manageability in a large scale distributed system containing 1000s of nodes. You relish interacting with other architects, senior developers as well as executives from across Informatica to evangelize Informatica Cloud platform and services. You enjoy the prospect of having a significant hand in making Informatica Cloud the industry dominant integration platform as a service

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VMware Looking to vCHS to Take on the Giants in the Cloud

Over at SearchCloudComputing, Beth Pariseau reports that while VMware certainly is the big player in the server virtualization world, it has a way to go in taking on the likes of AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. The company’s latest offering in the arena, vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), does give them a chance to perhaps catch up down the road.

“As IT pros move from server consolidation to automation and cloud computing, VMware has also evolved into a cloud-centric company. It offers several on-premises cloud computing products bundled into the vCloud Suite, which includes vCloud Automation Center as well as server virtualization software. And last fall, it entered the public cloud with its vCloud Hybrid Service.

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CEO Nadella’s Promotion Signals an Era of Cloud Focus for Microsoft

Over at Network World Brandon Butler reports that as Microsoft takes on a new CEO, Satya Nadella, the company makes it obvious where the future exists.

“Nadella – a former Sun employee who later headed R&D, Online Services and most recently served as executive vice president of cloud and enterprise – has been behind’s Microsoft’s transition into becoming a major cloud computing company during the past few years. During its first years Microsoft’s strategy focused on being an application development platform as a service (PaaS) for Windows environments. It wasn’t until a few years into this journey that the company pivoted and announced an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) component to Azure to provide on-demand virtual machine and storage service.

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MPSTOR Announces New VMware Version of its Orkestra Open Source Software

MPSTOR has announced a new version of its OpenStack-driven cloud software called Orkestra that repurposes VMware. Orkestra and the VMware datacenter work excellently in concert with Open Stack technologies and provides superb flexibility.

“We were able to save significant capital and operating expenses and avoid vendor lock-in while simply migrating our existing infrastructure onto the open platform using MPSTOR’s VMDK version of Orkestra IaaS,” said Christian Sestu, CTO of cloud resources at Filippetti, a leader in Cloud Computing and IT solutions in Italy.  “It was simple to install and runs seamlessly on top of our existing VMware.”

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CompuCom is Looking for an IT Architect–Cloud in our Job of the Week

CompuCom in San Francisco, CA is looking for an IT Architect–Cloud in our Job of the Week.

Currently we are looking for an IT Architect to lead Information Technology architecture that connects the client’s mission, strategy and goals to the IT strategy. This team is responsible for traditional IT services and the delivery of many back-end services that support the product and services delivered to millions of users and 10,000+ volunteers and developers. The IT Architect will be a catalyst for transforming IT to the provider of choice and achieving competitive advantage through information technology services. In this role, you will have architectural accountability on the entire technology stack which includes infrastructure, web services architecture, data warehousing and analytics, SaaS, IaaS and application development.

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NewCloud Networks Announces Nationwide Data Center Expansion for 2014

NewCloud has announced an ambitious plan to open data centers throughout the US. The company’s plan comes on the heels of a four consecutive years of growth and will give users cloud-based services that utilize provisioning, recovery and security.

“This is a high quality architecture that provides robust infrastructure for Could Computing,” says Sam V. Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks. “We are standardizing on this design for all of our future cloud Pod locations across the country.” In addition to Phoenix, NewCloud has plans to deploy Cloud pods in Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York/New Jersey. All of these Cloud pods will be tied together with a redundant private MPLS back bone with 10 Gig bandwidth. Kumar says this will give NewCloud “seamless nationwide coverage not only for back up and disaster recovery, but also for virtual servers and desktop-as-a-service deployments.”

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Silicon Valley Bank and Farnam Street Financial Gives Codero $8 Million in Funding

Codero has announced an $8 million round of funding from Silicon Valley Bank and Farnam Street Financial to expand its world wide data center footprint.

“We have outpaced our industry’s growth, expanding faster than other hosting and cloud providers due to our commitment to providing customers with unparalleled performance, expertise, support and value,” said Emil Sayegh, president and CEO of Codero Hosting. “The support of SVB and Farnam Street Financial helps us accelerate our growth and capitalize on our market success.”

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MathWorks is Looking for a Senior Software Engineer in our Job of the Week

MathWorks in Natick, MA is looking for a Senior Software Engineer in our Job of the Week.

“Play a key role in designing, architecting, and developing MATLAB services and Cloud infrastructure. Collaborate in a fast paced Agile environment with a highly cross-functional team. Design and implement software and infrastructure to support high-availability and high-scalability. Create requirements, design specifications, and participate in code reviews. Share ideas, ask questions and contribute to team growth through technical mentoring

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Oracle to Take API to Online Stores via the Cloud

Over at GreatResponder, Maria Dehn writes that software giant Oracle has taken to the cloud to set up a store wherein customers can purchase desired APIs.

“It was further elaborated by the Vice President Mr. Suhas that along with this visionary strategy, Oracle will develop its own cloud services that will allow the developers to access Oracle Mobile Cloud Service platform for purchasing the suitable APIs for their mobile application development or can place orders for specific APIs on this innovative cloud computing service. “This mobile platform of Oracle would take the concept of BaaS to new heights in the domain of cloud computing based application development” he added.

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Red Hat Refreshes Private Cloud Stacks for the Enterprise

Over at ITWorld, Joab Jackson writes that Red Hat has revamped a number of offerings for the enterprise to better run private clouds.

“The journey to the open private cloud has got multiple stages. We’ve got offerings to help you along every single step of the way and today we’ve refreshed all these offerings so you can take these capabilities into your environment and get to an open private cloud sooner rather than later,” said Radesh Balakrishnan, Red Hat’s general manager for virtualization business, in a Wednesday webcast detailing how the new products could be used in enterprises.

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Social Security Administration Looking for its Private Cloud Provider

Over at InformationWeek, Elena Malykhina reports that the SSA is in the process of shopping potential cloud software providers. The agency believes that a private cloud will help automate current tasks as well as streamline operations end-to-end.

The “desired software” would be integrated into the SSA’s VMware server virtualization infrastructure to “create a self-service virtual machine (VM) provisioning portal, automate common administrative tasks like VM creation, recoup unused resources, and infrastructure maintenance tasks,” the agency said in the RFI.

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IBM Plans to Invest Hugely in Cloud Computing to Enhance World-Wide Data Center Network

Over at GreatResponder, Maria Dehn reports that IBM will invest more than $1.53 billion in cloud computing to further strengthen its global presence.

“The senior vice president of IBM global technology services, Erich Clementi said, “IBM continuously focuses on investment of high growth areas like cloud computing technologies.” “This bulk investment by IBM would help strengthen its muscle power in cloud services across the globe, especially in Asian emerging markets and North Americas” he added. It has been estimated that the cloud market will cross about $200 billion mark by 2020. The major growth would be observed in major financial hubs and diverse geographical locations across the world.

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Dell is Looking for a Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Technical Sales Specialist in our Job of the Week

Dell in Austin, TX is looking for a Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Technical Sales Specialist in our Job of the Week.

“Dell’s Infrastructure and Cloud Computing (I&CC) team delivers a variety of services to our customers. From the device to the data center to the cloud, we can help customers make faster, more informed decisions, streamline their IT operations, increase end-user productivity and keep data secure. We are currently hiring multiple Technical Sales Specialists to join our I&CC practice to support our growth across one of the following verticals – Banking, Financial Services & Insurance; Healthcare; and Commercial. These roles can be based anywhere within the United States and will require the successful candidate to travel up to 60% domestically.

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GreenButton Partners Up with NVIDIA to Enhance Cloud Renderings

Over at Data Center Knowledge, John Rath reports that Green Button has joined forces with NVIDIA to give studios and freelance artist access to massively scalable design computing.

“NVIDIA is very pleased to make mental ray available in the Cloud with GreenButton,” said Phillip Miller, director of NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Products. “As the rendering quality of productions continually rises there’s an ever growing need for more processing power to satisfy it. GreenButton now enables mental ray artists to have the rendering power of a major studio to ensure their creative vision isn’t constrained by local resources.”

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Dropbox Experiences Downtime but Quickly Gets to Work Restoring Services

Over at ITworld, Jeremy Kirk reports that Dropbox went down for awhile on Friday and immediately got to work to fix the outage and as of Sunday 99% of the users could access their files.

“One of the issues revolved around photos. It disabled photo sharing and turned off a “Photos” tab on dropbox.com. Photos were still available through the desktop client and the “Files” tab on dropbox.com, it (blog post) said. The Photos tab remained disabled on Sunday. “Were continuing to make a lot of progress restoring full service to all users, and are doing so in careful steps,” it said. Service outages and probes by cyberattackers are some of the biggest concerns for users of cloud-based services.

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MathWorks is Looking for a Senior Cloud Application Developer in our Job of the Week

MathWorks in Natick, MA is looking for a Senior Cloud Application Developer in our Job of the Week.

“We are seeking a talented, self-directed software engineer to join a team developing customer facing applications that enable the use of MATLAB and cloud computing.  You will be responsible for contributing to robust, flexible technical solutions that provide great value to our customers. This position will require excellent programming skills, a working knowledge of web application deployment models, and strong interpersonal skills.

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NetWolves Partners Up with RapidScale as their Cloud Services Provider

RapidScale has announced that NetWolves has chosen the company as their exclusive cloud services partner. RapidScale believes that this union will most certainly improve customer service for the end user.

“Chief Architect for NetWolves, Brent Lane, believes “Cloud computing is no longer a futuristic term in the technology industry. RapidScale has established an advanced cloud computing solution that combines simplicity with ingenuity”. RapidScale’s products include CloudDesktop (an advanced virtual desktop solution), CloudServer, virtualization of servers, CloudRecovery, backup and failover for businesses of all sizes, CloudMail, Hosted Microsoft Exchange, and the all-in-one CloudOffice solution, which is a full suite of the RapidScale products in one convenient package.

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IBM Brings Watson to the Cloud for Supercomputing and Data Analysis

Over at MailOnline, the staff reports that IBM is bringing the supercomputer and Jeopardy winner, Watson, to the cloud to be used by various users. The company is investing $1Billion in housing the computer in New York offices and is giving financial, banking and health industries access to it.

IBM has transformed Watson from a quiz-show winner, into a commercial cognitive computing breakthrough that is helping businesses engage customers, healthcare organizations personalize patient care, and entrepreneurs build businesses,’ said Michael Rhodin, who will head the new Watson Group. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said that Watson is built for a world where big data is transforming every industry and every profession. ‘Watson does more than find the needle in the haystack,’ Rometty said in remarks released ahead of the company’s Thursday presentation. ‘It understands the haystack. It understands context.’

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