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Treasure Data – Big Data Analytics in the Cloud


Big Data deployments take a lot of effort to deploy and maintain. In this slidecast, Kaz Ohta, Kiyoto Tamura, and Ankush Rustagi from Treasure Data describe the company’s Cloud Data Warehouse service, which is designed to open the doors of Big Data for more small businesses.

The Treasure Data Cloud Data Warehouse service enables companies to get big data analytics running in days not months without specialist IT resources and for a tenth the cost of other alternatives. Traditional data warehousing solutions – even modern alternatives such as Hadoop – are too expensive, complex and take too long for many companies to implement, so the idea of quickly launching a data warehouse service that uses the power and economics of the Cloud for companies of any size, opens up a huge potential market.”

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Implications of Salesforce Acquiring ExactTarget for Sales Professionals


In this slidecast, John McGee from Optifinow presents on the Implications of Salesforce Acquiring ExactTarget for Sales Professionals.

While the acquisition of ExactTarget by Salesforce will enhance the marketing campaign features of Salesforce, the reality is there are still gaps in the sales automation side of the equation,” said OptifiNow CEO John McGee. “Companies using Salesforce for CRM and ExactTarget for digital marketing can easily integrate OptifiNow into the tools they are currently using to provide their sales teams with more robust, effective and useful sales automation features.”

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Slidecast: Postgres – A Tipping Point?


In this slidecast, Ed Boyajian from EnterpriseDB presents: Postgres – A Tipping Point?

PostgreSQL is the #1 enterprise-class open source database with a feature set comparable to the major proprietary RDBMS vendors and a customer list that spans every industry. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus solutions let you confidently develop and deploy PostgreSQL-backed applications that scale all the way from embedded solutions to massive OLTP and data warehouse systems that serve thousands of users.”

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Slidecast: Cloud for Big Data


In this slidecast, Jim Kaskade from Infochimps presents: Cloud for Big Data.

Infochimps was founded by data scientists and cloud computing experts. Our solutions make it faster, easier and far less complex to build and manage Big Data systems behind applications to quickly deliver actionable insights. With Infochimps Cloud, enterprises benefit from the fastest way to deploy Big Data applications in complex, hybrid cloud environments.”

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Slidecast: Mellanox Rolls Out Virtual Modular Switch


In this slidecast, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox presents an overview of the company’s new Virtual Modular Switch.

Cloud, Web 2.0, and enterprise data centers which require large aggregation Ethernet switch networks are moving away from legacy modular switches, due to high expenses and rapid obsolescence, to fixed switches that bring scalability and efficiency,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “The Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch solution, comprised of Mellanox’s 10, 40 and 56GbE switches, enables our customers to achieve a new level of scalability, while future-proofing their investment and reducing expenses.”

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Slidecast: TwinStrata CloudArray – Disaster Recovery as a Service


In this slidecast, Nicos Vekiarides from TwinStrata presents: TwinStrata CloudArray 4.5 with DRaaS. The new offering is an on-demand disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for VMware users.

Whether your goals are to increase storage capacity, improve off-site data protection, implement disaster recovery or all three of the above, TwinStrata CloudArray is the most comprehensive storage solution available today,” said Nicos Vekiarides, CEO of TwinStrata. “TwinStrata has made great strides in delivering enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost typically required of storage solutions. What’s exciting is CloudArray 4.5 enables organizations to enjoy a full business continuity plan without the need for backup software or a dedicated disaster site– a once unthinkable proposition.”

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Debunking the Myths of SSL VPN Security


In this slidecast, Rainer Enders from NCP Engineering presents: Debunking the Myths of SSL VPN Security.

The NCP Secure Enterprise Solution provides a set of software products that enable complete policy freedom, unlimited scaling, multiple VPN-system setup and control, and total end-to-end security. Practically speaking, one administrator is able to handle 10,000+ secure remote users through all phases.”

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Slidecast: Fritz Ferstl Presents the Grid Engine State of the Union


In this slidecast, Fritz Ferstl from Univa presents: Grid Engine State of the Union.

Univa Grid Engine is the next generation product that open source Grid Engine users have been waiting for. Our customers save time and money through increased uptime, and with our innovative feature and product evolution they can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of running Grid Engine. We have improved the speed of several aspects of the product with new features and functionality designed to improve the speed of dispatching and throughput. The following features drive performance of Grid Engine to a new height. They are only available from Univa.”

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Violin Memory and Toshiba Team up for Mass Adoption of Memory Infrastructure


In this slidecast, Narayan Venkat from Violin Memory describes how the company’s new alliance with Toshiba will help foster a whole new world of applications that perform at the speed of memory.

Our new focus on PCIe cards will allow both companies to drive radical new economics that lead to the mass adoption of memory-based architectures,” said Don Basile, CEO of Violin Memory. “NAND memory is now a requirement at every level from the smart connected device to the core of the cloud and the enterprise data center. Violin’s combined portfolios continue our leadership across the evolving memory-based solution market.”

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Excelegrade Takes K-12 Testing to the Cloud


In this podcast, Sanjay Parekh from the Startup Riot discusses how the annual event brings entrepreneurs together with VCs and Angel investors. We also get a chance to talk to the most recent winner of the Riot competition, Lauren Miller from Excelegrade.

Excelegrade is a platform that allows teachers to focus on the art of teaching while we do the science. Teachers currently spend hours on administrative tasks, like test creation, grading, etc., leaving them with less time to focus on instruction. We aim to give teachers their time back without compromising the rigor of instruction and we do this with 21st century technology. Much like textbooks are going digital, Excelegrade makes K-12 classroom assessments digital by replacing paper-based tests with assessments on tablets, smart phones, and laptops.”

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Slidecast: Jeff Squyres on Ethernet Secrets of TCP


In this slidecast, Jeff Squyres from Cisco presents: Ethernet Secrets of TCP.

TCP? Who cares about TCP in HPC? More and more people, actually. With the commoditization of HPC, lots of newbie HPC users are intimidated by special, one-off, traditional HPC types of networks and opt for the simplicity and universality of Ethernet. And it turns out that TCP doesn’t suck nearly as much as most (HPC) people think, particularly on modern servers, Ethernet fabrics, and powerful Ethernet NICs. I’ll cut to the chase: I surprised myself by being able to get ~10us half-round-trip ping-pong MPI latency over TCP (using NetPIPE).”

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Slidecast: Examining Hadoop as a Big Data Risk in the Enterprise


In this slidecast, Brian Christian from Zettaset presents: Examining Hadoop as a Big Data Risk in the Enterprise.

While the open source framework has enabled Hadoop to logically grow and expand, business and government enterprise organizations face deployment and management challenges with Hadoop. Hadoop’s core specifications are still being developed by the Apache community, and thus far, do not adequately address enterprise requirements, such as support for robust security and regulatory compliance mandates such as HIPAA and SOX, for example.”

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Slidecast: Garantia Data Goes GA with Cloud-based Redis and Memcached Platform


In this slidecast, Ofer Bengal from Garantia Data describes the company’s cloud-based Redis and Memcached high performance database platform.

We are excited to be the first to offer AWS’ European users enhanced Redis functionality they never had before,” mentioned Ofer Bengal, CEO of Garantia Data. “We have seen great demand in this region for scalable, highly available and fully-automated services for Redis and Memcached. Our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud provide exactly the sort of functionality developers look for.”

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Slidecast: An Overview of Glasshouse Cloud Services


In this slidecast, Ken Copas from Glasshouse presents an overview of the company’s Cloud services.

GlassHouse delivers clarity amid the hype, providing vendor independent, objective IT consulting, to drive customer defined business outcomes, and guide clients along the full lifecycle of transforming their IT infrastructure. We are unique in our focus not just on technology but also on our clients’ information policies, procedures and organizational design, as those have the most significant impact on IT costs and effectiveness. Our solutions cover end-to-end planning, design and deployment to fully managed services.”

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Slidecast: Nevex Technology Powers Intel Cache Acceleration Software


In this slidecast, Andrew Flint and Carolyn Hanley from Intel present: Intel Cache Acceleration Software.

Intel CAS complements our SSD data center family by providing a total caching solution that delivers even more value and capability for our customers,” said Chuck Brown, product line manager for Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. “Intel CAS delivers a multi-level cache across the SSD and DRAM for optimal performance. Compared to short-stroked hard-drive technology, we’ve seen up to 50 times the improvement in I/O performance throughput for read intensive workloads by adding Intel CAS with the Intel SSD 910 series1.”

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Slidecast: Cycle Computing Runs Amazing 10,600 Instance on AWS for Big Pharma


In this slidecast, Jason Stowe from Cycle Computing describes how the company spun up a 10,600 instance HPC cluster in 2 hours with CycleCloud on Amazon EC2. Using just one Chef 11 server and one purpose in mind, this on-the-fly cluster was used to accelerate life science research relating to a cancer target for a Big 10 Pharmaceutical company.

To tackle this problem, we decided to build software to create a CycleCloud utility supercomputer from 10,600 cloud instances, each of which was a multi-core machine! This makes this cluster the largest server-count cloud HPC environment that we know about, or has been made public to date (the former utility supercomputing leader was our 6,732 instance cluster for Schödinger from 2012). If this cluster were a physical environment, analysts said it would occupy a 12,000 sq ft data center space, costing $44 million. Instead, we created this in 2 hours, with these 10,600 hosts, used it for 9 more, at a peak cost of $549.72 per hour, and turned it off for a total cost of $4,362. Wow!”

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Acronis: What’s Next for Cloud Storage?


In this podcast, Scott Crenshaw from Acronis presents: What’s Next for Cloud Storage?

Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. With a Unified Platform and next generation technology, its innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership, while improving your recovery time objectives.”

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Slidecast: ScaleOut Software’s In-Memory Data Grids Enable Real-Time Analysis


In this slidecast, CEO Bill Bain from ScaleOut Software presents: In-Memory Data Grids Enable Real-Time Analysis.

ScaleOut Software is a pioneer and leader in data grid software. Since our first products shipped in January 2005, we have consistently developed leading-edge technologies that help our customers solve scalability and performance challenges and gain competitive advantages for their businesses.”

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Slidecast: TheInfoPro Research Report on Server and Virtualization Trends


In this slidecast, Peter ffoulkes from TheInfoPro presents results from a recent study on Servers and Virtualization markets. As an analyst with a deep background in HPC, ffoulkes does a great job of bringing this research into perspective with high performance computing markets.

TheInfoPro’s latest report focusing on Servers and Virtualization is set to be released on 1/8. I am writing to see if you would be interested in a pre-interview with Peter ffoulkes, lead analyst on the report. Conducted during the second half of 2012, TheInfoPro study identifies key initiatives of senior server infrastructure managers and examines market factors and major players. This annual study is based on extensive live interviews with server professionals and primary decision-makers at large and midsize enterprises in North America and Europe.”

Learn more about research services at TheInfoPro.

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RCE Podcast Looks At Globus Grid Software

In a new RCE podcast, Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Stuart Martin about Globus, grid software for distributed resource sharing and data transfer.

The Globus Toolkit is a fundamental enabling technology for building grids that allow distributed computing power, storage resources, scientific instruments, and other tools to be shared securely across corporate, institutional, and geographic boundaries.

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