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Clouds at a Distance – Can RDMA Enhance Collaborative Video Workflows?


In this video from the 2013 Open Fabrics Developer Workshop, Tom Coughlin from Coughlin Associates presents: Clouds at a Distance – Can RDMA Enhance Collaborative Video Workflows?

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Video: The New Style of IT – HP Moonshot Update for Moabcon 2013


In this video from Moabcon 2013, Dick Bland and Jérôme Labat from HP present: The New Style of IT: HP Update for Moabcon 2013.

Cloud, Mobility, Security, and Big Data are transforming what the business expects from IT resulting in a “New Style of IT.” The result of alternative thinking from a proven industry leader, HP Moonshot is the world’s first software defined server that will accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale.

IT Organizations to be Profoundly Affected by the Cloud in the Future

Over at IDG, Bernard Golden writes that the tone of cloud computing discussions have turned from sexy to the practical and chief among these topics is the nature of IT organizations down the road.

It’s remarkable how the tone at Cloud Connect in Silicon Valley has changed over the years. The conference has turned from cheerleading to nuts and bolts. This means it’s less fun, but it’s also more grounded in the day-to-day realities of implementing change instead of envisioning utopia. Many presentations focus on real-world use cases and concrete action steps, with a strong focus on hybrid cloud computing.

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Video: EUDAT and Big Data in Science


In this video from the 2013 National HPCC Conference, Wolfgang Gentzsch presents: EUDAT and Big Data in Science.

Big data science emerges as a new paradigm for scientific discovery that reflects the increasing value of observational, experimental and computer-generated data in virtually all domains, from physics to the humanities and social sciences. Addressing this new paradigm, the EUDAT project is a European data initiative that brings together a unique consortium of 25 partners — including research communities, national data and high performance computing (HPC) centers, technology providers, and funding agencies — from 13 countries. EUDAT aims to build a sustainable cross-disciplinary and cross-national data infrastructure that provides a set of shared services for accessing and preserving research data. The design and deployment of these services is being coordinated by multi-disciplinary task forces comprising representatives from research communities and data centers.”

View the slides on Slideshare.

Video: Hands-on Training: Know Your Cluster Bottlenecks and Maximize Performance


In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Dan Waxman from Mellanox provides a hands-on training for InfiniBand entitled: Hands-on Training: Know Your Cluster Bottlenecks and Maximize Performance.

Depending on the application of the user’s system, it may be necessary to modify the default configuration of the network adapters and the system/chipset configuration. This slide deck describes common tuning parameters, settings & procedures that can improve performance of the network adapter. Different Server & NIC vendors may have different recommendations for the values to be set – but the general tuning approach should be similar. For the hands-on demo we will utilize Mellanox ConnectX adapters – thus we will implement the recommended settings issued by Mellanox.

Download the Slides (PDF).

Video: Nvidia Rolls Out GRID Visual Computing Appliance for the Cloud


In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang provides an update on GPU computing for the Cloud.

The NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is a powerful GPU-based system that runs complex applications such as those from Adobe Systems Incorporated, Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes, and sends their graphics output over the network to be displayed on a client computer. This remote GPU acceleration gives users the same rich graphics experience they would get from an expensive, dedicated PC under their desk.

You can watch the entire keynote at Livestream.

Video: The UberCloud HPC Experiment – Paving the Way to HPC as a Service


In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Wolfgang Gentzsch presents: The UberCloud HPC Experiment – Paving the Way to HPC as a Service.

You can participate in this experiment as an industrial End-User in need of instant additional computing power accessible remotely, or as a compute Resource Provider, or as a Software Provider, or as an HPC Expert.

Read the Full Story or Download the Slides (PDF).

Video: Building a Cost-Effective and High-Performing Public Cloud


In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Sander Cruiming from CloudProvider presents: Building a Cost-Effective and High-Performing Public Cloud.

You can use Cloud Servers for various purposes, including hosting websites and applications. A Cloud Server is an isolated server environment with an operating system and root access, that you can configure according to your needs. You can create, resize, or delete a Cloud Server at any time, making it a very flexible solution.”

Download the slides (PDF).

Sponsored Post: OpenFabrics Workshops for Users and Developers Coming to Monterey in April

Be a part of the OpenFabrics Alliance’s OpenFabrics Software events in Monterey, CA.

  • The OFA User Workshop, April 18-19, provides opportunities to share experiences and learn from a community of OFS users.
  • The International Developer’s Workshop, April 21-24, will focus on the development and improvement of OFS as well as major developments in RDMA, etc. Agenda and more information is available on

Registration for the two events is now open. More details are available in this month’s OFA Newsletter, which features an interview with Susan Coulter, HPC Network Administrator at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Video: Access the Cloud with Dell Project Ophelia, an Android PC on a Stick


In this video from the Mobile World Congress 2013, Dell shows off their Project Ophelia HDMI Stick for Cloud Computing. Available some time in the next few months, the sub-$100 Android PC on a stick is being positioned as an access device towards Dell’s enterprise and personal cloud software and services.

HPC Advisory Council Workshop Returns to Lugano March 13-15

The HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference returns to Lugano March 13-15, 2013.

The conference will focus on the following topics: Progress of Exascale in the European Union, high-performance interconnects, Accelerators and Parallel I/O, communication libraries (MPI, SHMEM, PGAS), GPU computing (CUDA, OpenCL) Big Data, advanced topics / technologies / development including server and storage systems, and hands-on clustering, network, troubleshooting, tuning, optimizations. The conference is open to the public and will bring together system managers, researchers, developers, computational scientists and industry affiliates.

Having been to this event several times, I can tell you that Lugano is one of the most beautiful towns in the world. It’s a solid three-day workshop, and this year they’ll be treating attendees to a boat trip on lake Lugano with an on-board apero and dinner.

Check out the Preliminary Agenda and Register now.

Video: Open Data, Open Innovation and The Cloud – Opportunity for Business

[vimeo w=510&h=287]

In this video, Mark Gayler from Microsoft presents: Open Data, Open Innovation and The Cloud – Opportunity for Business.

In this presentation session, we will look at open data examples from around the globe and will focus on the business benefits of open data in different scenarios. In addition, we will explore how cloud computing and open technologies are enabling open data to deliver more impact for governments and citizens alike.

The talk was recorded at the Summit of New Thinking 2012.