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Press Release: Docker and Red Hat Expand Collaboration Around Container Technologies

Docker has announced today an even closer partnership with Red Hat that includes expanded interoperability from the two companies.

“Red Hat has a long history of developing, investing in and fostering innovative technologies, including Linux Containers, an open source methodology that has seen numerous, fundamental contributions from Red Hat over the years,” said Brian Stevens, executive vice president and CTO, Red Hat. “The Docker technology, which helps eliminate the barriers facing enterprise adoption of containers – ease of use, application packaging and infrastructure integration – was very exciting to us. We believe that integrating Red Hat and Docker technologies offers both powerful developer capabilities and a lightweight application packaging approach for enterprise workloads across industries. By working together, we can bring an extended set of capabilities to not only Red Hat customers, but to the open source and Linux community at large.”

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Why the Main Frame Will Probably Never Truly Be Replaced by Cloud Computing

Over at Wired, Tom Bice writes that while the cloud has certainly made its impact on the computing world, the traditional main frame is still an excellent option for reliability, security and even scalability.

“The mainframe is not nearly as trendy as today’s hot topics like Big Data or the cloud, but it continues to serve as the central nervous system of major industries like finance and healthcare, which is something the public cloud has yet to achieve. Over the years, the mainframe has adapted with each new wave of technology to maintain its place at the center of many computing environments. At the same time today’s mainstream virtualization and security approaches have been part of the mainframe platform for decades.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is Looking for a Intern for Genetic Analysis Cloud Applications in our Job of the Week II

Thermo Fisher Scientific in South San Francisco, CA is looking for an Intern for Genetic Analysis Cloud Applications in our Job of the Week II.

“Are you a generalist looking for a complex, distributed system to challenge you? Then join a team at Thermo Fisher Scientific that’s on the forefront of two fast-growing technology trends – cloud computing and software architecture. You will be part of the team developing the foundational platform for Genetic Analysis cloud applications.

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Oracle Solaris 11 and the Modern Data Center

Certainty most organizations now understand the value of cloud computing and what it can bring to day-to-day operations. Oracle’s Solaris 11 utilizes Unix to bring robust, reliable and secure solutions to the enterprise cloud.

“With server virtualization, virtual hosts, virtual storage, and virtual networks can be created, allocated, and deallocated as needed, increasing hardware utilization and offering greater operating flexibility. Virtualization is the key. To users, it appears as if they have their own private server somewhere on the internet or within a company’s private cloud. They really do not need to know where the server is physically located, what it looks like, or how to maintain it. It’s just there as long as they need it. In reality, the host OS has spawned itself into shared environments that appear to multiple simultaneous users as their own fully functional and private virtual computer.

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Press Release: PayStand Launches out of Beta to Provide One-Click Payment Solutions with $1M in Funding

California startup, PayStand, comes out of beta with a payment as a service platform to offer merchants multiple forms of payments–including bitcoins–at no additional cost.

“The current payments system was not built for the Internet age,” said Jeremy Almond, CEO and founder, PayStand.  “In the physical world we have lots of payment options – like cash, check, and credit – and there are reasons to use each one. PayStand provides these same multiple payment options, while also helping organizations avoid transaction fees altogether. Our checkout technology allows people to pay the way they want to, and accepts the latest digital currency. Ultimately we aim to bring fairness, predictable cost and powerful flexibility to the payments space.”

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The NSA is Looking for a Cloud Developer in our Job of the Week

The National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort George G. Meade, MD is looking for a Cloud Developer in our Job of the Week.

“The Mission Technology Development and Deployment (MTD) group within the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) is seeking a full time Software Developer to join the Transformational Technologies Division, Cloud and Sensor Development Branch.  The mission of MTD is to equip IAD cyber missions with state-of-the-art tools and capabilities needed to harden and defend the Nation’s security systems.  Whenever IAD is called upon to assess the security posture of a customer’s network, deploy a team to investigate a cyber intrusion, or keep watch over the Nation’s most sensitive networks; the technologies developed by MTD are at the forefront of the action.

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Press Release: LivingSocial Makes Mobile Deal Purchasing Faster and Easier for Shoppers

LivingSocial has announced new updates for iPhone and iPad users to give shoppers a simpler, more intuitive approach to local offers and money-saving deals.

“Mobile accounts for over half of our traffic, approximately a third of our transactions, and tens of millions of consumer purchases,” said Ian Costello, VP of Product Development, LivingSocial. “It’s clear that the future of LivingSocial is mobile and we want to give our customers the best experience possible. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our app so that they can find the deals they want quickly and easily. Our improved mobile experience also benefits our merchants by providing an optimized channel for reaching their target customers.”

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It’s an All-Out Price War as AWS Slashes Cloud Costs to Match Google’s Move

Over at GeekWire, Blair Handley Frank reports that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has dropped its prices from 38% to 51%–depending on services–to counter Google’s reductions just days ago.

“The reductions come after Google announced a number of price reductions to its Cloud Platform yesterday, targeted at making on-demand instances less costly. While Amazon’s reductions will affect on-demand and reserved customers, the tone of the remarks today clearly show that Amazon thinks the best way to give users price reductions is to get them signed on to multi-year contracts.

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Intuit is Looking for a Staff Software Engineer (Cloud – AWS) in our Job of the Week II

Intuit in Mountain View, CA is looking for a Staff Software Engineer (Cloud – AWS) in our Job of the Week II.

“CTO Dev provides the  plug-and-play services, components, tools and service infrastructure to help maximize developer productivity company-wide. Our mission is to promote innovation, share synergies, leverage data assets, drive network effects and help every BU at Intuit delight their customers. Come join the Public Cloud Security Services team as a Staff Engineer and be a part of the innovative initiatives that build the core services to support Intuit’s move to the Public Cloud.

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SAP to Use 100% Renewable Energy for its Cloud Services

Over at Enterprise Irregulars, Tom Raftery writes that enterprise software giant SAP is seeking to decrease its environmental footprint by going 100% renewable in powering its data centers.

“This is good for SAP, obviously, as they will be reducing their environmental footprint, and also good for customers of SAP’s cloud solutions who will also get the benefit of SAP’s green investments. How are SAP achieving this goal of 100 per cent renewable energy for its data centers and facilities? A combination of generating its own electricity using solar panels in Germany and Palo Alto (<1%), purchasing renewable energy and high quality renewable energy certificates, and a €3m investment in the Livlihoods Fund.

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NIU to Offer Courses and Certification in Cloud Computing

Over at GreatResponder, Maria Dehn writes that Northern Illinois University (NIU) has started a set of cloud computing certification courses to meet growing demand for cloud-based jobs of the future.

“While talking about the cloud computing technology, the associate professor of NIU Raimond Edge said, “cloud computing is one of the fastest growing segments of the information technology market; the Research from International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that revenue from cloud services will reach $72.9 billion by 2015, which is four times the projected growth for the worldwide Information Technology market altogether.” He further added that, “The industry needs well-trained experts who can manage the movement of data in a secure and responsible way.”

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HP is Looking for a Cloud Application Engineer in our Job of the Week II

Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, CA is looking for a Cloud Application Engineer in our Job of the Week II.

“HP Networking Software Engineers play lead roles in multi-discipline teams working on new networking products and solutions. This includes active involvement in product feature definition, hardware feature requirements, SW development and test, customer documentation, and on-going product support. Projects typically involve coordination with internal and external development teams, often in other geographies. Enabling others is as important as personal contribution.

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IBM Watson Tasked with Brain Cancer Mysteries

Over at ITWorld, Joab Jackson reports that IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, is being called upon to solve some of the profound intricacies of brain cancer via genomic research.

“When you do whole gene sequencing, you get a very complete picture of the mutations in a specific patient. It is critical to be able to translate that information into something an oncologist can understand and take actions around,” said Raminderpal Singh, IBM Research business development executive for genomic medicine.

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Happy Birthday Amazon Web Services–The Service Turns 8 Years Old

Over at InfoWorld, David Linthicum writes that cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now been offering Storage as a Service (SaaS) for eight years. Not only did AWS re-define how the cloud was used, it is now in a position of domination in the arena.

“The unique aspect of AWS is that pushed ahead with its own way of doing cloud, rather than try to replicate the work of others. Storage as a service was around then, but AWS’s use of well-defined APIs made the difference. Moreover, AWS presented the value case to developers, helping embed the notion of storage services into actual software. Finally, the Amazon name mattered greatly, thanks to the company’s reputation for having excellent internal technology that supported an amazing scale of operations.

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Dell is Looking for an Android Sr. Software Engineer–Cloud Computing in our Job of the Week

Dell in San Jose, CA is looking for an Android Sr. Software Engineer–Cloud Computing in our Job of the Week.

As a Software Engineer you will be working on a small dynamic team working on a newly released product named “Wyse Cloud Connect”.  It has been favorably reviewed, and team is already working on the next version of this exciting new product offering from Dell Wyse. You will be able to help shape the product as it expands into several market areas. Android development skills in Java are needed. Experience with building or modifying AOSP is recommended.  This position reports directly to the Engineering Manager for the Pocket Cloud group.
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Cloud Computing in the Not-Do-Distant Future–More, Bigger, Better

Over at InfoWorld, Paul Krill reports from the IDC Directions conference in Silicon Valley on the future of cloud computing. A lot of the growth will be in the Big Data aspects of the cloud including data center builds, Hadoop services and in-memory databases.

“Speaking at this week’s IDC Directions conference in Silicon Valley, IDC analyst Frank Gens offered projections on a number of technology areas, including growth for cloud computing. “We know the last seven years, folks were building out global data centers. We haven’t seen anything yet. We’ll see a doubling of the footprint.”

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Alma Brings Students and Educators to the Cloud

Over at Gigaom, Lauren Hockenson reports that Alma seeks to modernize and simplify administrative duties of students and teachers by bringing a simple, all-in-one interface to the cloud.

“I see a parallel with hospitals and schools, but EdTech is so far behind.” Andrew Herman, co-founder and CEO of of education platform startup Alma, which launched Monday. “Nobody has come in with an idea that we can use these tools to automate work.” Simplifying the administrative duties of both teachers and administrators is the goal behind Alma, which will roll out to public school districts this fall. Based in the cloud, Alma is directly inspired by Herman’s experience as an educator in the public school system a decade ago.

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IBM CEO Rometty on What’s in Store for the Future

Over at ZDNet, Larry Dignan reports on IBM CEO Ginni Rometty’s annual letter to shareholders. Rometty’s words definitely pointed in the direction of less hardware and more software and services in the cloud to bring Big Blue where shareholders expect it to be.

“Rometty’s comments won’t be surprising to people familiar with IBM, but the subtext to shareholders revolved around the company’s transition and how it’ll take some time for businesses like cognitive computing to outpace slowing growth in hardware. For shareholders, IBM is paying them to have some patience via dividends, but the company’s last earnings conference call surfaced some analyst angst over the lack of growth even as Big Blue hits earnings projections.

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Strategy Analytics: Huge Changes Coming Down the Pike with Cloud-Driven Technology

At FierceMobileIT, Fred Donovan reports on Strategy Analytics study that predicts huge changes across multiple platforms in Communications Networks, Content and Technology sectors.

“The realization of the third industrial revolution will be driven by cloud computing, big data analytics and the consumerization of business services. IoT developments and M2M will create new partnerships with disruptive new business models,” observes Andrew Brown, executive director of enterprise mobility and M2M at Strategy Analytics.

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SAP Announces Subscription Services Based on Hana

Over at InfoWorld, Chris Kanaracus reports that business software giant, SAP, has announced a new pay-as-you-go model for in-memory cloud platform called Hana.

“Customers were already able to bring their existing on-premises Hana in-memory database licenses to SAP’s infrastructure service. Now it’s possible to buy Hana software via subscription there as well, SAP said Wednesday. A third cloud subscription option adds a series of development tools and services to the infrastructure and Hana software components.

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