Video: Welcome to the Generation of Open Ethernet


In this video, Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman presents: Welcome to the Generation of Open Ethernet.

Open” is the keyword for today’s world of cloud computing and Web 2.0 applications. Open Ethernet, a new initiative led by Mellanox, will enable a new era of open data centers. It will give IT managers complete control of their networks to achieve better performance and lower costs. It will sweep away proprietary stacks, proprietary routing methods, and proprietary management software. Open Ethernet will expand open source into the data center to allow vendors and users to design the networks they want at costs they can afford. Open Ethernet means open code, access to open source management software, support for standard OpenFlow controllers, and much more. It will allow data centers to use commodity hardware and open source software to build the powerful switches, routers, and appliances they need for their purposes.

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