ProfitBricks Gets Funding to Beef Up its Heavy-Duty IaaS

Over at Datacenter Knowledge, John Rath writes that Profitbricks has raised a $19.5 million investment from the company’s founders and from United Internet AG, a European Internet services provider. The company has now raised $38.3 million since its founding in 2010. The funding will go towards development of ProfitBricks’ “virtual data center” offering, as well as helping the company expand into new industries.

Profitbricks seeks to differentiate itself through the ability to provide both vertical and horizontal scale, flexibility in the network, and a data center design tool with an interface that makes building a virtual data center a fairly easy and straightforward endeavor. The ability to perform live vertical scale, that is to run applications on a large server rather than many servers, combined with the infiniband network it uses, sets the company apart. ProfitBricks calls itself the “second generation of cloud infrastructure,” and it has been growing at a quick clip since launching.

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