OrionVM Standardizes on Mellanox InfiniBand for Private and Public Clouds

This week Mellanox announced that the company’s InfiniBand solutions have been integrated into enterprise private and public cloud offerings at OrionVM. Based in Australia, OrionVM is now standardizing on InfiniBand for their enterprise deployments around the world.

OrionVM is moving towards using InfiniBand in all of its cloud services offerings,” said Sheng Yeo, OrionVM Managing Director. “We’re looking to offer our customers the highest bandwidth, lowest latency solutions, to enable leading and scalable application performance.”

OrionVM provides customers with a cloud platform to build and scale applications and websites on demand, instead of managing servers and networks. Mellanox InfiniBand enabled OrionVM to reduce the price point at which they were able to offer solutions to customers. Utilizing InfiniBand and their distributed storage system, OrionVM is able to offer customers a significantly higher performance cloud computing platform at a lower price. Best of all, the use of InfiniBand has reduced OrionVM’s cost of deployment and decreased the complexity within their data center environments.

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