Nirvanix Using Violin Flash for “Infinite Elasticity”

Violin Memory has been selected by Nirvanix for its public Cloud Storage Network spanning 10 data centers around the world. Implemented across several multi-petabyte clouds, the including a leading $50 billion financial services company, the Nirvanix–Violin solution has reportedly increased performance for customers by up to 15 times and enabled Nirvanix to expand its business into new markets.

Integrating Violin Memory with our public, private and hybrid cloud solutions expands the opportunities for our customers to build their business on a cloud foundation and opens up business opportunities for us to better serve both new and existing customers,” said Dru Borden, CEO of Nirvanix. “The superior performance of Violin’s primary Flash Storage Arrays enhances the enterprise-class scale, security, data integrity and data accessibility that we provide.”

Nirvanix is essentially a URL with a byte stream payload that is immediately consistent and globally replicated based on policy with infinite elasticity. Violin Memory accelerates I/O performance within this framework. Read the Full Story.