Big Data and Cloud Trends for 2013

Over at Cloud Computing Journal, Jeremy Geelan caught up with a group of industry pundits to get a sneak peak at what’s on the horizon for Big Data and the Cloud.

If 2012 was the year of SaaS, then 2013 will see most activity in PaaS (Platform” said Jnan Dash from Graymatics & Sonata Software. “The lines between PaaS and IaaS are blurring, just look at the AWS stack. While incumbents are struggling, startups will have advantage. For Big Data: The onset of the post-Hadoop era. Look at Google’s new tools such as Percolator, Pregel, Dremmel and Twitter Storm. Hadoop has batch pedigree and needs to move forward on several fronts. Second big trend is addressing “Data in Motion”. Hence analytic tools on moving data will be key new area of focus.

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