High Tech BMW Cars and Crossovers

BMW’s are widely known mostly for performance engineering with exceptional handling characteristics. They are tested and subjected to the most extremes on the famous racktrack called the Nurburgring. Just over 60 years of automobile advancement in creating the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, there are lots of BMW Mods available for a 3 series, 5 or crossovers like the X5. If you are looking to buy a used BMW like this BMW X5 for Sale Toronto then there are many things you can do to it to make it quick and slick.

Factory Wheels

The base factory BMW wheels are made to be sporty but are also heavy and not too exciting to look at. Many aftermarket BMW wheels are available also including sporty factory style changeovers. These cast wheels are a great upgrade to the base BMW wheels and for sure will make your car look more unique.

If looking for a customized set of forged wheels for your BMW, you can go with many other manufacturers. Just google them. Do a search for forged wheels and you will find some. The manufacturers of these aftermarket companies have custom forged wheels that will have you to be able to specify the size and colour combinations to make it look original. Also, the forging technique gives a stronger and less weight issue than the factory bmw wheels. This will lower weight for your BMW and improve performance, especially in acceleration.

aftermarket wheels for bmw

Performance Modifications for Your BMW

The BMW’s inline six cylinder engine is a monster from the BMW factory but there are some modifications out there to improve performance. Cold Air Intakes can help and are popular BMW modifications that allow for greater flow and performance that gives you greater throttle response.. The original BMW Intake system is set up to lower sound, ensure that emissions standards are met and also reduce the cost to manufacture. A K&N intake system is designed to greatly improve flow and offer greater efficiency over the BMW stock setup. K&N filters are available in dry or oiled setups. I’d suggest doing some research which is better for your BMW.

The BMW’s own performance exhaust is a good upgrade if you are looking for a gruntier noise however there are a variety of aftermarket exhausts that are much better for power output and sound. Magnaflow exhausts are well known as direct replacement that go along with German road safety standards.

IF you are looking for real power gains, a big boost will be a supercharger system. There are complete systems that will make your BMW very quick and probably is the most expensive upgrade aswell.

Headers for BMW

You may have heard of “ebay headers” before. It’s a pretty common thing to hear in the E46 Forums. The original catalytic converter on your BMW is very restrictive as it is right at the exhaust manifold. Although it is illegal remove these, if you are using your BMW as a track car taking them off and replacing them with these cheap “ebay headers” will surely give you massive gains. They are only $100 at the time of writing this article. headers for bmw

Upgrade Your ECU

The BMW’s ECU is tuned very well from the factory but can be modified with great result. There are a couple of options – Active Autowerke and The Shark injector. Google them both. These software mods map out your ECU for better gains. The factory is quite limiting so this is another option for you. It’s not as expensive as a supercharger but at least it will have noticeable gains.

Get on the Cloud

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